Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boy's First Birthday Cake plus Smash Cake

When a friend asked me to make this cake for their little boy's first birthday, I thought the idea was so cute! With the colors, and basic stars and circles, this cake just screams "little boy!"  The cake consisted of marbled fudge and vanilla cake layers with buttercream frosting, and is covered in homemade marshmallow fondant.  For tips on how to frost, stack and cover cakes in fondant go HERE!

And for the first time, I made a matching smash cake that the birthday boy could have all to himself.  It's a nice idea so that the birthday kid can smash around in their own cake while not contaminating everyone else's cake.  The smash cake was frosted with lots of buttercream.  Fondant would be hard for those little hands to dig through.

Each tier of the cake contained three marbled cake layers. The smallest layers were 6 inches, and the larger layers were 10 inches.

I used circle cookie cutters as well as the large side of a frosting piping tip to make the circles for the bottom tier out of the fondant.

I did some overlapping and clustering to make the design.

I've learned that anytime I do more than one tier, the cake needs supports.  Place the supports in the cake where the top tier will hide the insertions.

I then like to fasten on a cake board to separate the layers with a little frosting to hold it in place.

Then you add your top tier that is already covered in fondant, but before you finish decorating it is fine.

I used three sizes of star cookie cutters to decorate the top tier.

And then I rolled lots of fondant balls.  

 These balls work great as a border around the cake and they help to seal the space in-between tiers.

The letters were cut out with wilton alphabet cutters.  I love to alternate the colors of the letters for a fun look!

And that's the finished product.  The cake was a big hit!  
Here are the links for the marbled cake recipe and the chocolate buttercream frosting.


Bree said...

Hello. This cake looks amazing job very well done!!

I was just wondering what recipe you used for the marble cake and also what recipe for the chocolate frosting?? I would love to make a marble cake for my sons 1st birthday.

Nicole said...

I don't have the cake recipe posted on my blog, but here it is on my google recipe site, and the frosting is a basic chocolate buttercream like this one here The marbled cake recipe comes from Hershey's and I thought it was a great hit, although the chocolate portion of the cake is not very rich. Hope this helps and good luck with your cake!

Nicole said...

P.s. Bree, I also just added those recipe links to the bottom of the blog post. Thanks for asking! I'm not sure why I didn't post them before.

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