Sunday, September 18, 2011

How To Stack, Frost, and Cover Cakes

Learning how to cover a cake in fondant can take some practice before you get it just right, but you soon learn how to work with the fondant and get it to look the way you want.  The fondant I used to cover this cake was Marshmallow Fondant which is easy to work with and tastes great for those of you who actually eat the fondant.  Learn how to make and cover a cake in fondant and you will be the new cake maker of the family.  You can come up with an infinite number of ideas and patterns to really impress your guests.  Here's how to get it done...

Start with your cake layers, and one at a time lay one down and top with frosting.  Cakes must be completely cooled otherwise the frosting will melt and your cake will slide.  I like to work with frozen cakes if I make the cake a day or two before so it's easier to work with.
 Top with additional layers and frosting on top of each one.  When making a large cake, I stack 3 high with the curved tops cut off of each layer.  
 Then frost the sides of the cake and smooth out as best as you can.
 This will the your frosted cake, before covering in fondant.
Get the fondant ready that you want to use for covering the cake.  Lay on counter dusted in powdered sugar.
 Use a rolling pin to roll out the fondant until it reaches a size large enough to fit the top and sides of the cake.  Make sure after every few rolls with the rolling pin that you rotate the fondant in a clockwise motion to make sure it's not sticking on the bottom and if necessary add more powdered sugar underneath the fondant.  You don't want the fondant to be thick, because then it's hard to shape over the cake, but not too thin either, since it will tear easily.  1/4 inches is a good thickness to work with.
 Using the rolling pin, start at the edge and roll the fondant up onto the pin, making sure there is enough powdered sugar that the fondant won't stick.
 Very carefully lift the roller and the fondant over the top of the cake, centering the fondant with equal amounts on sides.
Using your hands, start at the top of the cake and smooth the fondant, slowly working your way down the sides, stretching fondant carefully if necessary to avoid creases.  
 Cut the excess fondant from the bottom of the cake (a pizza cutter works great for this), and use a flattening tool like the one pictured to make the top and sides flat, smooth, and to work out any air bubbles. 
 Now your cake is ready to decorate and/or add another tier!

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