Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to paint the front door.

I have to admit, I was a bit worried about painting the front door all by myself, but I did it and I'm loving it.  What do you think of the before and after?  The white was just so boring, and the black really pops!

This project really wasn't rocket science.  Anyone can do it!  I have a secret weapon... it's the new Glidden "Door and Trim" paint.  It's meant specifically for doors and trim and it's already pre-colored, so you just grab a can at Home Depot and go.  You can watch a quick tutorial video HERE.  Below is a picture of the paint I used.  It only comes in extra high gloss, so the door will be shiny.

Before painting the door, I used this stripping tool to strip away as much chipped and damaged paint as I could. I then cleaned the door with a rag and some soapy water.  Then let the door dry.

I only had to strip paint on the trim, since my door is metal.  I did not do any sanding on the door or trim but you can if you'd like.  It can help the paint to adhere. 

The only other tool I needed was a paint brush (the paint I used recommended a brush and no rollers).  I also used some painter's tape to tape off the window and around some parts of the door that I didn't want to get paint on.  

When painting with a brush, be sure to follow this pattern below for which part of the door to paint first and last.  This will help you to achieve a professional look without brush marks.  I did still end up with some brush marks, but I bought a cheap brush.  I recommend you use the type mentioned on the paint can.  But overall I loved the look I achieved with this method.

The door was almost done with one coat of this paint but I had to touch up a few areas after the first coat dried. After painting the door, leave it cracked for 6-8 hours before closing.  I painted the door while still on the hinges.

So what do you think? White vs Black?  I am very happy with the change and I can't wait to install a kick plate, hook for a wreath, and of course the wreath!


Sarah said...

Love it Nicole. It looks great!

Nicole said...

Tanks Sarah :) I love it!

Jessica Draudt said...

Your door looks great! I totally need to do this.

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