Saturday, September 8, 2012

Black and Red Wedding Cake

I was thrilled when I got asked to make this wedding cake.  It was for some good friends of mine who decided to have a wedding at hunting camp!  No, that's not your usual setting but the couple wanted to surprise everyone and knew the family was already planning on being at camp!

The wedding turned out beautifully and I was just happy to play a small part.  Below I'll give you some quick tips on how I made this cake...

The bottom tier consisted of a white cake and buttercream frosting while the top tier was chocolate cake with a chocolate frosting.  

The entire cake is covered in marshmallow fondant and wrapped with red and black ribbon.  See my tips on how to stack, frost and cover cakes.

The ribbon was fastened in the back with small pins.

Lastly, I made chocolate covered strawberries to decorate the cake and an extra plate of them for guests to snack on. 

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