Thursday, October 13, 2011

School Colors Raptor Cake For PTA

This was by far one of the funnest cakes I've done.  And it was for a good cause; raising money for my daughter's school!  The hardest part was getting the colors as close as possible to the school's colors.  So once I went through tons of Wilton coloring I was ready to go! This was a white cake with buttercream frosting, covered in Marshmallow Fondant and topped with a raptor dinosaur made of Modeling Chocolate and it was oh so cute!
After making the Marshmallow Fondant I was ready to stack, frost and cover the cake. 
Now I'll show you how I made the school's logo!  First I printed the logo out on a piece of paper so that it was the size I wanted for my fondant logos.  I found a circle cup about the right size for the first circles of white fondant.  I cut out 4 circles. 
I then painted the circles with edible silver powder mixed with vanilla extract. 
I then cut out 4 blue circles of the same size, and found a small lid from an olive oil spray can to cut out the inner circle.  I then  placed the blue circles on top, they stuck since the silver powder was still wet (otherwise use a little water).
Next I used the print-out of the logo to draw an outline on waxed paper of the raptor.  Then I cut the shape out of the waxed paper.
Using a small knife, I cut out 4 raptor heads from my waxed paper cut-out.
Next, I attached the heads on, used edible pens to draw the detail lines on, and used white and red fondant pieces for the eyes, teeth and tongue.  I then piped the wording on with leftover buttercream frosting tinted green!
These are the 4 "almost" identical logos!
Then they go on the cake!  
I made 6 small chalk boards with black fondant for the base and white fondant strips for the border that were painted with edible silver powder.  I then piped on the wording with white frosting.  I rolled up balls of "close to similar" sizes and arranged around the bottom of the tiers and painted the white balls with more edible silver powder.  
And of course the cake was topped with the raptor made of Modeling Chocolate. The cake was a big hit and was auctioned off at the end of the night!  

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