Tuesday, August 30, 2011

60 Seconds to Chocolaty Heaven!

If you're like me and you get a sweet tooth EVERY night, you might like this one.  When the kids are in bed and the husband is downstairs playing x-box with his headphones on, it's time to bust out the blender for your moments of quiet time on the couch before bed catching up with your girly shows.  This takes just seconds to prepare and it has everything so satisfy my sweet tooth!

Milk Shake:
*1 medium Banana (frozen bananas work too)
*1 TBSP Peanut Butter
*3 TBSP Nesquik Chocolate Powder
*1 cup Milk (more or less if you want it thick or thin)
*A handful of Ice 
Throw everything in the blender, mix it up and enjoy!  


Nicole said...

P.s. you feel less guilty drinking this for dessert if you just had my chef salad for dinner! The point of eating healthy is sometimes to make room for dessert!

ashleighskitchen said...

Mmmm smoothie! Sounds Yummy! Us girls and our sweet tooth! :) at least we know ways to fix it!

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