Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day one of my new journey!

Today I am making preparations to get ready for the challenge I have given myself. I want to add new recipes into my severely repeated routine of meals. I am always scared to try new things. What if it doesn't turn out right? If I mess it up? Or perhaps the recipe is just no good? Well, I have some resources I will use to generate what I hope will be delicious recipes. I have also gathered a list of the recipes I currently cycle through plus a few new ones I would like to try. I now have a list of 46 recipes. I am printing out a chart of these menu ideas, and will select from this chart what I will make for dinner every night of the week, and throw in "hopefully" at least one new recipe to try each week. I would like to have my list well over 100, for meals I know how to cook, that my family likes! Who knows, maybe someday I will have a full years worth of meals to rotate through! It would be like Rachael Ray's 365 no repeats cook book! Rachael is one of the cooks I enjoy learning from, and some of my meals will likely come from her.

Now that I have a list of what I "can" cook, and I've picked what I will attempt to cook in the following week, I will sort through the ingredients and make a grocery list so I will have everything I need for the entire week! Good luck to me!

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