Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Butterfly Cupcakes!

I found this idea in a cupcake cookbook I have. It might look pretty fancy, but it's not too tough. You just draw the outline of a left and right butterfly wing on a piece of paper, draw a few of different sizes, and put a piece of wax paper over it. Then melt the colors of chocolate you want to use in a zip lock back, and cut a small hole in one corner. Squeeze the first color around to outline the butterfly wing, and use the second color to fill it in. Only do one or two wings at a time since they dry fast. Immediately after filling with second color, use a tooth pick to drag the outlining color into the center, then top with sprinkles. Make sure you also pipe out plenty of antennae separately. When the wings are cooled and hard, put two wings together on a frosted cupcake, add your antennae, and pipe center of butterfly with chocolate frosting. My daughter had fun helping me with this one.

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